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Over 100 Students Forced to Quarantine After First Week of School Due to COVID

A handful of students have tested positive for COVID-19 roughly a week after in-person classes resumed. An additional 116 students is being forced to quarantine for a two-week period after being exposed. Read more now.
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91 People Infected With Coronavirus After One Man Attended Church Service

At least 91 people contracted coronavirus after a church service in Ohio. A 56-year-old man who tested positive is single handedly responsible for the spread. Read more and see how easily the novel virus spread.
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School Retracts Suspension of Student Who Posted Crowded Hallway Pic

A school in Georgia withdrew its decision to suspend a student who shared a photo of its hallways crowded with pupils who were back to school amid the pandemic.
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Will Kids Trick-or-Treat in 2020? Polls Show Majority Still Plan to Celebrate Halloween Despite COVID

As summer wraps up and the weather cools, the autumn season comes to mind… and with it Halloween. A new survey shows that Halloween is on for 2020 despite the coronavirus pandemic. Read more now.
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Why Parents Are Turning to Pandemic 'Pods' as School Year Approaches

With the new school year just around the corner, many districts and families are still struggling to figure out how to keep their kids safe without neglecting their education.
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Teacher Resigns Over COVID-19 Fears and Is Fined $2,000

A teacher in Arizona resigned amid COVID-19 concerns after his district mandated all educators must return to school to teach students virtually. Now the teacher owes the district $2,000.
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School District Tells Remote-Learning Students: No Pajamas

The Springfield School District has been getting a fair amount of flak from parents over a dress code for remote learning. In particular, the handbook says students should not wear pajamas during online sessions.
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4 Dead, 11 Hospitalized After Ingesting Hand Sanitizer With Methanol

The CDC is warning the public not to consume or ingest hand sanitizer. According to the agency, 15 adults in the U.S. have been hospitalized for methanol poisoning caused by ingesting hand sanitizer. Read more now.
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Experts No Longer Expect Coronavirus to Come in Waves: It's a 'Forest Fire'

Experts initially believed that the novel virus would act like the seasonal flu and die down in the summer before ramping back up in a severe second wave come fall. But now they’re seeing it has remained steady like a ‘forest fire.’ Read more now.
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Alyssa Milano Reveals She Tested Positive for COVID Antibodies After 3 Negative Results

Alyssa Milano reveals she tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies. The ‘Charmed’ alum shared her results on Instagram explaining that the positive test followed several negative tests despite exhibiting all COVID symptoms. Read on now.
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