Mortgage Talk with DJ Buck

A lot of people are trying to buy their first home, and there's good ways and bad ways to do it.  DJ Buck and American Eagle Financial Credit Union are here to help find the best ways to get a mortgage and find the home that's right for YOU!

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FREE First-Time Home Buyer Expo

Buying your first home is exciting. It can also be stressful and confusing. American Eagle Financial Credit Union is hosting a First-time Home Buyer Expo. Local industry professionals will share their knowledge, experience, and answer questions about purchasing your first home. Get the Knowledge to...
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What Should I Bring To My First Meeting?

Typically we need W-2s, paystubs, assets, savings balances, 401k, etc. Based on this information, we will give you a pre-qualification to the maximum amount. You then take it to your real estate agent and go from there. It feels like a slight invasion of privacy, but we want to make sure we’re...
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How Do I Choose The Best Loan?

First, make sure you understand your credit and set your budget. It’s very important to work with a trusted professional. There are a lot of scams out there. A loan that worked for your neighbor may not work for you. Make sure you are comfortable with your mortgage payment and terms before you sign...
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What Should a First-Time Home Buyer Look For in a House?

Figure out what’s most important to you. School system? Neighborhood? Close proximity to a city or bus line? Do you want single level? Two-family? Will it pass inspection?
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Help! I’m Purchasing a Home! Where Should I Start?

American Eagle Financial Credit Union offers great tips for first-time home buyers such as: getting your credit report, understanding and itemizing your personal budget, professional guidance during the process, and making sure you can afford the home you are purchasing. What You Need When Applying...
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First Time Home Buyer Tips

Listen to first time home buyer tips from American Eagle Financial Credit Union.
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