Mortgage Talk

A lot of people are trying to buy their first home, and there's good ways and bad ways to do it.  DJ Buck and American Eagle Financial Credit Union are here to help find the best ways to get a mortgage and find the home that's right for YOU!

Listen to more expert advice from AEFCU every Monday morning at 9:25am on HOT 93.7!

Photos: American Eagle Financial Credit Union First Time Home Buyer Expo

American Eagle Financial Credit Union hosted a First Time Home Buyers Expo at Goodwin College on October 22nd. Check out photos from the event here!
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Mortgage Talk: How Much To Save Before You Buy a Home

How much money should you save before you buy your home? It might take a minute, because there are so many costs associated with buying a home.
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Mortgage Talk: Your Home Buying Team

When you're ready to buy a home, it's so important to have people you trust, so your home buying team is extremely valuable. It's like finding the right hair stylist-- you want to know it's somebody you can trust.
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Mortgage Talk: Maintaining Your Home

It's one thing to become a homeowner, but how do you become a great one?
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Mortgage Talk: Your Rights as a Home Buyer

What's the best type of loan to get? And what does your lawyer do in the home buying process?
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Mortgage Talk: Owning a Home is Not For Everybody

Home ownership is not for everyone-- it's a personal choice.
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First Time Home Buyer Tips

Listen to first time home buyer tips from American Eagle Financial Credit Union.
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Mortgage Talk: The First Things You Need To Know To Buy a Home

What are the first things you need to figure out when you're planning to buy a home?
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