Hot 937's Up Next Show Spotlight: Sunny Dutchie 

Blue Dreams!

July 24, 2020
Sunny Dutchie 

Today we will be spotlighting a talented artist from the Connecticut area named Sunny Dutchie. Check out everything you need to know about this artist and check out the Up Next show tonight with DJ Meechie to hear his song "Dream Girl." 

Artist Name: Sunny Dutchie 

Age: 25

Hometown: Waterbury, CT

How would you describe your sound:
Sunny Dutchie: My sound is Experimental, mixed w HipHop, Trap, Electronic, and heavily Bollywood influenced. No one else has my sound.
Who are your musical influences that inspires you as an artist?
Sunny Dutchie: Kanye made me wanna make beats. Mac Miller is what people say my music sounds like. Kendrick, J Cole, MF Doom,Dipset, Pharrell, Tyler the Creator, Wiz, Kaytranada, the list goes on.
How did you know this is what you wanted to do?
Sunny Dutchie: I started off making beats 4 years ago, and then sometimes when you make a tough ass beat, it makes you wanna rap. People kept telling me to rap and I’ve always had bars, so I went and copped a mic in 2018. Just been studying the game ever since. 
What’s the name of the first track you ever recorded? What was your inspiration behind it?
Sunny Dutchie: It’s called “Dutchie.” I flipped the Pass the Dutchie sample and made a crazy beat one day. I had a lot of people bumpin that in 2017. I changed my name officially to Sunny Dutchie that day.
What’s the name of the new single? What was your inspiration behind it? 
Sunny Dutchie: It’s called “Dream Girl.” It’s off my 3rd mixtape Blue Dreams. Its inspired from an old Bollywood movie song. I heard my father playing it one day and was like damn I need to chop that up, it would go great on the tape. It’s about this girl but i won’t name any names.
Tell us about your first performance.
Sunny Dutchie: September 2018, it was my birthday and It was at my boy’s crib. I performed all the songs off my first mixtape called “Sol.” It was a small audience (like 15 people) but everyone was having fun. It was at night right by the pool. 
What has been your favorite quarantine hobby?
Sunny Dutchie: Making beats and watching Avatar.
How do you feel about the music scene in CT?
Sunny Dutchie: I feel like it’s a lot of unheard talent that doesn’t get as much shine as they should. There’s a lot of good music in CT, underground and commercial. Our platform is just smaller compared to NY, Miami, LA so our audience is small. I wanna help bring the music scene here together instead of leaving. Shoutout to Chillshump tho and Hot 93.7 for holding the state down.
Let us know why YOU are Up Next.
Sunny Dutchie: I’m Up Next because i’m one of the most versatile Artist/Producers in this game. I wanna inspire people with my music. I got beats for days, Boom-Bap, Trap, Electronic, Drill Beats, Groovy beats. I got ideas for days too as far as song and album concepts and i’m always writing songs. I just wanna utilize a bigger platform to collaborate and connect with as many artists as possible. It’s always about the music and good times for me. Once Covid is over my shows will be fun as hell. Trust me.
IG @sunnydutchie
TWITTER @sunnydutchie