Dirt Report: Kanye Met With Trump

Ye still wants to abolish the 13th Amendment

October 11, 2018

Here's what went down when Kanye met with Trump today... plus Selena Gomez was hospitalized. More in today's Dirt Report with Jenny Boom Boom and DJ Meechie!

Kanye West and Donald Trump had lunch today. It was like a "Kumbaya" campfire meeting. They hugged and Trump said he loves this guy. Kanye still says he wants to get rid of the 13th Amendment... but they also talked about prison reform and gang violence. Meanwhile, Trump told Kanye that he was misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder and he's just sleep deprived. 

Selena Gomez was hospitalized twice in the last two weeks. Sources are saying she suffered from an emotional breakdown. Her white blood cell count was low following her kidney transplant and it set her off. 

Justin Bieber needed a hug and some love on the way out of church when he found out about Selena Gomez.