Dirt Report: R. Kelly Has No Worries In Chicago Prison

September 5, 2019
R. Kelly

Nuccio DiNuzzo / Stringer

R. Kelly thinks he's gonna be okay in General Population... at least in Chicago. Plus, Wendy Williams explains her long-term plan to leave her ex-husband.

R. Kelly says he has no worries in Chicago General Population, but New York might be different though. He feels he's still considered a legend in Chicago, and his fellow prisoners all look up to him and won't hurt him, despite facing charges that he had sex with minors. He asked to be in Gen Pop, because he was tired of being in Solitary. According to his people, R. kelly is a little shook that he might have to do time in New York or Minnesota, where people might not have as warm a view of him.

Wendy Williams said she had a plan the whole time she stayed with her husband Kevin Hunter. In a new interview on The View, Wendy said she knew Kevin was allegedly cheating on her with Sharina Hudson, and said she chose to stay despite his infidelity. She said she's not a selfish mom, and she wanted to stay because of Kevin, Jr. When she knew it was time, she got out of it. And Sharina allegedly had Kevin's baby, which only made the situation more complicated.