Dirt Report: Kevin Hart's Rough Road To Recovery

September 6, 2019

(Photo by James Gourley/Getty Images)

We're still shocked by Nicki Minaj's sudden retirement announcement. Plus, the latest on Kevin Hart's recovery after that horrible car crash.


Nicki Minaj's retirement announcement came out of nowhere yesterday. We were all shocked... but it absolutely does not add up or seem real, according to sources close to Nicki. They said that Nicki has been busy in the studio working on new music in recent weeks, and on top of that she made plans to record with several artists just in the past few days. People were so upset about this announcement that she wanted to start a family and quit music that she addressed it today. She said "I'm still right here, still madly in love with you guys, I promise you guys you're going to be happy." 

People are saying that Nicki has been growing increasingly fed up with internet trolls who've been picking on her and harassing her lately, and it finally reached a boiling point.

Kevin Hart is still in the hospital, and he's in intense pain. In a matter of days, he's going to be transferred to a rehab facility, where they're going to begin a grueling recovery regimen. The good news is, he's not suffering from any paralysis, nerve damage, or numbness as a result of the horrific car accident that left him with three spinal fractures. 

Kevin's spirits are said to be okay, but he's not entirely with it right now because he's still on heavy pain medication. They say the pain is really, really bad for him. He could go to rehab as early as this weekend, but sources are saying the rehab process will take months and months for him, but he's gonna do outpatient rehab. 

Apparently when the Plymouth Barracuda crashed, Kevin's security team showed up and for some reason took him from the accident scene. They left behind the driver or the car, Jared Black and his wife, who were sitting in the backseat at the scene of the crash. It seems really strange to move somebody after such a serious accident...