Dirt Report: Drake Countersues Woman Claiming Rape

September 19, 2018
Recording artist Drake accepts the Top Billboard 200 Album award for 'Views' onstage during the 2017 Billboard Music Awards at T-Mobile Arena on May 21, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Drake is snapping back at a woman claiming he got her pregnant and raped her, plus Demi Lovato's mom speaks out on her daughter's OD and more.

Drake has filed a lawsuit against a woman that claims he got her pregnant back in the day, and also raped her. The girl's name is Layla Lace, and Drake allegedly met her last year in England when he was on tour. After the show, she came to the hotel room, they hooked up, and everything went downhill when Drake sent her home, because she wanted to go on tour with him.

Last February, she went on Instagram and said she was pregnant by Drake, and also that Drake raped her... now Drake is suing her, saying that Layla Lace wanted millions of dollars in exchange for her silence, so Drake is countersuing. Drake claims she ended up in a fantasy relationship with him. 

Demi Lovato's mother said she was terrified for days that her daughter was going to die, and she believes it was only the prayers of Demi's fans that actually saved her life. Dianna De La Garza talked about her daughter's O.D. for the first time on Tuesday. During that interview, she described the moment that she rushed to Cedar Sinai Hospital and saw Demi. She said that she stood by her bedside and said "Demi I'm here and I love you" and Demi responded "I love you too." She said it was absolutely touch and go for several days, and that for two days they didn't know if Demi was going to make it. That's so scary. 

The good news is, according to Dianna, Demi is doing very well in rehab and feeling happy and healthy.

Demi suffered an O.D. in July after taking aftermarket pills that were supplied by Brandon Johnson, who is a wanted man as of today. The L.A. County DA's office said a judge issued a bench warrant for Johnson, but not for the issue with Demi Lovato. It's actually for his June arrest for cocaine possession and DUI, and the court clerk said he was a no-show for his arraignment on Monday, so the judge wants him hauled in to face the music. His bail will be set at $26,000 when he finally comes in. His rap sheet includes being busted in March with a stash of guns, drugs, and cash, along with his June arrest... why wasn't he locked up in March?

And of course, Johnson openly admitted on camera that he hooked up Demi Lovato with those aftermarket pills and got high with her in the hours leading up to her O.D. He won't be arrested or even investigated for his role in that incident, though because Demi isn't pressing charges.

Being a near-billionaire at the age of 21 ain't the most impressive thing in Kylie Jenner's life, because she just figured out you can have cereal with milk! On Tuesday, she tweeted "Last night, I had cereal with milk for the first time, and it was life changing."

Her flavor was Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal with regular milk, but she said she might be moving on to almond milk in the future. Slow down girl!!!

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