Why Young MA Is Dropping 'Herstory' On Day Her Brother Died

September 26, 2019

(Photo by Jason Koerner/Getty Images for BET)

Young M.A's Herstory is dropping tomorrow (September 27th) and while we're all excited to hear her debut album, what she's feeling is a lot more complicated. With "No Mercy" and "BIG" already catching fire, and a lot more surprises on the album than people would expect from her, why is M.A so conflicted?

Part of it is because she's putting herself out there so much on Herstory, which she calls a versatile and vulnerable project. 

More importantly, Herstory is dropping on the anniversary of the day her brother passed away. The pain of losing somebody you love never goes away, so this time of year has always been difficult for M.A since he's been gone. But she's trying to reclaim that date by releasing her album at the same time, to make the day about more than just sadness.

Young M.A has been subverting expectations her whole way up, and Herstory is going to do that once again. Just like her freestyle for the #ImSoBrooklyn challenge. M.A wanted to move away from the stereotypes of Brooklyn, to remind kids it's not all about gangs and street life. M.A wanted to express that it's cool to be in the hood, but you don't have to let the hood define you.

M.A also talked about how she approached directing in the porn industry, and whether she'd make more pornos in the future. Checkout the full interview now: