The Ish You Missed: QC's Stripper Bowl Was A Disaster

February 5, 2020

The doctor who was silenced by the Chinese government when he tried to warn other doctors about Coronavirus has now been hospitalized with the virus. 

PornHub stars will hit Fashion Week runways for the first time. They'll walk for Nan Li and Emilia Pfohl of Namilia. The line is called Herotica and the designers say it's a feminist statement.

Stevey came across a video of a white grandma watching with the Super Bowl halftime show with her granddaughters... and she was all about the female empowerment!

And QC (the label Migos, City Girls, etc. are on) threw their Stripper Bowl in Miami... it was a big deal last year, but this year it was a disaster! Strippers didn't get paid! Of course on Instagram it looked like it was poppin', but... we'll tell you more of the shady stuff that went down and why Nancy even compared it to Fyre Festival!