Remembering Juice WRLD: Hear Hot Morning Crew's Interview

December 9, 2019

Last September, Juice WRLD paid a visit to the HOT Morning Crew. Hear the interview as we remember this amazing artist we lost too soon.

"Lucid Dreams" is a smash hit, and the man behind it, Juice WRLD, is no stranger to dreams and the science of sleep. A long-time sufferer of Sleep Paralysis, Juice WRLD still experiences the issue to this day. "I remember some of my dreams when I was a little kid," he told the HOT Morning Crew. "I remember the layout of my house, and I remember having this dream where I was stuck in my bed. I stayed in a one story house back there... you could hear my screen door open and shut, really heavy, and these big-ass footsteps coming to my door. I was 4 or 5 when I had that joint."

Some of Juice WRLD's dreams are more straightforward, influenced by scary movies and the like. "I had a dream one time that somebody was trying to kill me. I was in a random house, and I was like I feel like there's a gun in this house, but where? I'm looking, I'm really struggling to find it in my dream, and then I find it, then I kill him and I wake up."

In reality, since coming up, everything sort of feels like the dream to the rapper. "It's surreal," he said of his life after "Lucid Dreams." "I'm thinking I'm gonna wake up any second."

Juice WRLD isn't slowing up at all. He's set for a tour in Europe and a big show in Oakland, though he admits he prefers to create more than perform. That's no problem, because he's got over 200 songs on deck, including one he's very hype for. "I have a song called 'Common Slense,' it's not out yet, it's fire. The song sounds like a journey the way the song transitions from one part to the next, it sounds like you're traveling through something."

Checkout the full interview: