The Ish You Missed: Washington vs. Miami 'Tank Bowl'

October 10, 2019

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Who will break their losing streak in the Tank Bowl? And you gotta see Jada Pinkett Smith's hilarious ad for Jaden's water! More in The Ish You Missed with the Hot Morning Crew!

Here's a dumb robber story! A thief was trying to rob a hotel. The employees were throwing cash at the guy, some of it fell on the floor, so the robber put down his gun to pick some of it up, LOL. Well, the employee grabbed the gun and pointed it at the robber!

So, the Washington Redskins and Miami Dolphins are both winless so far this season. But by the end of the weekend, one of them will get a W because they're playing each other. They're playing in Miami and it's being called "The Tank Bowl" because they both suck, LOLOL! They're selling tickets for less than $20! 

Jada Pinkett Smith did a hilariously great ad for son, Jaden's JUST Water.... LOL! 

You’re welcome Jaden, the first one is free ------ Sip my secret✨-- @just -- @cvspharmacy

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Cyn Santana sat down with Tiffany AKA "New York" and confirmed she split up with Joe Budden. She was the one who pulled the plug and said it was the best decision she made.

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