The Ish You Missed: Tyler Perry Feels Ignored In Hollywood

October 9, 2019

Photo by David Livingston/Getty


Tyler Perry feels ignored in Hollywood. Plus, a survey found 25% of people have never eaten a vegetable?! More in The Ish You Missed with the Hot Morning Crew! 

Remember that rapper, Desiigner, who had that song 'Panda'? He seemed to drop off the radar until recently... he says he wants out of Kanye's record label. (And he spelled "label" wrong in the tweet...)

According to a new survey, 91% of people say corn is their favorite vegetable, followed by potatoes, then carrots and tomatoes (which are technically a fruit), then onions and green beans and cucumbers. And 25% of respondents say they've NEVER eaten a vegetable. WHAT?! 

Some thieves broke into a car in San Jose, CA over the weekend and saw a duffel bag... but inside was FOUR pythons and a rare lizard! The bag belonged to a reptile breeder. He had been giving a presentation at a library. The bag was worth $5000! 

Tyler Perry told Gayle King that despite being the first black man to own a production studio, he feels ignored in Hollywood. His new studio is HUGE, BTW... and he just got his star on the Walk of Fame. Create your own! 

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