The Ish You Missed: Toothless Woman Takes a Bite Outta Crime

August 12, 2019

A Florida woman used her one and only tooth to bite a home invader! And a mom wants guests to pay $82 to attend her child's birthday party... find out what for now.

A Phoenix man was so hungry he choked out his 16-year-old daughter after she ate the last slice of pizza. That's a serious situation.

A Florida didn't let her toothless state keep her from taking a bite out of crime. She fought back against a home intruder by sinking her one tooth into him and chasing him from her apartment. Fitzroy Morton tried to break into Alice Coleman's place last week, but the elderly woman wasn't having it. She recalled the scene by saying "He was telling me 'No Mama, everything's gonna be all right.' I said 'It's not going to be all right, I'm not your momma. I don't know who you are. Get out of my house'." The 61-year-old said she didn't have time to grab her false teeth before biting him then fleeing when he started to fight back with her. She called 911 from a neighbour's house, and she told authorities next time she'll open her door with her taser. She's badass!

A woman in the UK recently posted on a British website for moms, about an issue with another mom. That mom is throwing a 14th birthday party for her son at a go kart track, and she's charging everyone $82 to attend. That includes $59 for the carts, and $23 for transportation, 80 miles roundtrip to and from the track. She's asking people to bring lunch, on top of all that. he other woman posted about this, and she's asking other moms if this is unreasonable. Almost everyone agrees with her. 

Congratulations are in order for Ricky Martin and his husband. They had a baby in December and just posted the cutest pictures of the kid, along with the caption "La luz de mi ojos (the light of my eyes)."

La luz de mis ojos #Lucia

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