The Ish You Missed: Stevey Eats A CRICKET!

September 12, 2019

Photo by WZMX Staff


We shared a really "crappy" story today... LOL, EW! Plus, Stevey ate a CRICKET! More in the Ish You Missed with the Hot Morning Crew! 

Police in Brooklyn, NY are searching for a woman who went to the bathroom (number 2!) in the middle of the aisle in a grocery store! (Warning - the video is gross, but watch if you want!) 

An Arizona couple and their two kids were caught squatting in a vacant house for sale. They told cops the place was unlocked, but her phone had an app with codes used to unlock homes listed by realtors. They were booked for drug possession and trespassing and their kids were taken by social services. 

Six Flags New England stopped by this morning to get Stevey ready for Fright Fest! They did his monster make-up AND HE ATE A CRICKET! (Which earned him a donation of Fright Fest tickets to the City of New Britain!)

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