The Ish You Missed: Sophie Turner Knows 'GoT' Coffee Cup Culprit

June 10, 2019
Sophie Turner

Dia Dipasupil / Staff


Sophie Turner knows who left that coffee cup on the Game of Thrones set! Plus, Middletown Pride is this weekend and there are some FUN THINGS happening! More in the Ish You Missed with the Hot Morning Crew!

Usher's workin' on releasing some new music and in the meantime, he's got a new haircut. He teamed up with an artist and got a tattoo on the back of his neck, too. 

So Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner told Conan O'Brien that Kit Harington was to blame for the stray coffee cup that appeared on the show! 

A 3-year-old girl in Mexico named Lucia wanted to have her birthday party themed around the horror movie, The Nun.

Lady Katharine Cruises is hosting a Pride Cruise on Saturday to celebrate Middletown Pride this Saturday! 

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