The Ish You Missed: Solo Honeymoons Are A Thing?

Plus, the latest Love & Hip Hop drama!

March 18, 2019

Photo via Dreamstime


Why are solo honeymoons a thing? Plus, Stevey talks Love and Hip Hop! More in The Ish You Missed with the Hot Morning Crew!  

Wait, this is a thing?! Some couples are taking solo honeymoons (aka solomoons or unimoons). Yeah, separate trips. It's the latest trend in wedding planning. They say it's due to conflicting work schedules, more demanding jobs, and a more independent outlook on the institution of marriage. Or in some cases, being unable to agree on a destination. 

And Stevey had to talk Love & Hip Hop drama... (BTW, DJ Buck was just hangin' with Safaree!) But if you're keeping up with all the Love & Hip Hop drama, you know Erica Mena is with Safaree and Joe Budden is with Cyn Santana. And Cyn and Erica used to be in a relationship. They all used to all hang out together, but now... they're all mad at each other. And it cost them a relationship with Rich Dollaz. 

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