The Ish You Missed: HBD, Lil' Kim!

July 11, 2019
 Lil Kim during the ceremony honoring The Notorious B.I.G. at "Biggie Night" at Barclays Center.

Nicole Sweet - USA TODAY Sports


HBD, Lil' Kim! Plus, an armored truck spills money, and a fart reveals a suspect! More in The Ish You Missed with the Hot Morning Crew! 

An armored money truck flew open and spilled thousands of dollars on a highway in Atlanta! Drivers were scrambling to grab the cash, LOL. (But police have asked them to turn it in.)

A suspect was evading police and almost got away... until he farted and revealed his hiding place! LOL! 

New study says speaking to yourself in second person makes you perform better in athletics. (Say, "You can do this!" versus "I can do this!")

HBD, Lil' Kim! The hip hop icon turns 45 today! BTW, she's cancelled TV appearances because she's tired of interviewers asking her about Nicki Minaj.

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