The Ish You Missed: Ghost Was Actually A Living Dude!

Plus, assault by pork chop!

February 5, 2019

Photo via Dreamstime


A "ghost" in someone's house was actually a living person -- creepy! Plus, assault by pork chop! And more in The Ish You Missed with the Hot Morning Crew! 

Boosie saw CEO Pee Thomas drop $200,000 in a strip club in Atlanta! 

A Florida woman is under arrest after she attacked her boyfriend with... a pork chop. She allegedly grabbed the first thing she could to use as a weapon. She launched the pork chop into his face and he ran out with a small cut under his eye. 

A college student in North Carolina thought she saw a ghost in her closet. So she checked it out and it ended up being a creepy dude hiding in there trying on her clothes!! (WHAT?!?!) 

Sidney Starr from Love & Hip Hop New York finally consulted with a doctor about her gender surgery. She went into graphic detail. 

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