Hot Morning Crew: Doja Cat Talks Fashion, Music, IG, and Driving Boats with Megan The Stallion

Plus, that time she Postmated Cheese Sticks

September 9, 2019

Doja Cat came thru the Hot 93.7 studio--hair on-point, ofc--to talk to the Hot Morning Crew about her music, fashion, IG and that time she drove a boat with Megan Thee Stallion! 

Her unique style is all over her videos, so does the 'Juicy' rapper have brands asking her to wear their stuff? She says that's happened a couple times. And she's excited about her deal with Fashion Nova, "They're afforable and they have cute stuff."

She shouts out her stylist who came up with the cherry headbands in the 'Juicy' video. 

Nancy loves Doja Cat's sense of humor and asks how she got the idea for her viral YouTube smash, 'Mooo!'  

"It started as an inside joke. I had this cow print outfit for a tour and I was like, how am I supposed to write a serious song?," she laughs. 

And Genesis reminds us that while 'Mooo!' shows off her silly side, Doja Cat's talent shines with dope beats and lyrics. You can catch her on Instagram Live and she walks fans through her whole process! She enjoys being a part of the creative process and is also interested in directing. 

Plus, the 23-year-old is always up for a good throwback -- like that time she made the Postmates guy bring her cheese sticks and dropped an a cappella parody of 'Return of The Mack'. 

Oh yeah, and there was that time Megan Thee Stallion let her drive a boat -- three times! "First I drove the boogie board, then the kayak, and then I drove the yacht." 

Captain @theestallion let me drive last night ----

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And what's her Instagram secret? Post two photos and three videos per week! And never ask for followers - it looks thirsty!

Check out Doja Cat's new heat - 'Juicy' featuring Tyga! And check out the complete interview with the Hot Morning Crew up top!