Genesis' Song Of The Day: Masego - 'Lady Lady'

June 12, 2018

Masego is an extremely talented singer and a saxoponist. He just dropped his song, 'Lady Lady' and announced the kickoff to the "Lady Lady Tour" in Europe. If you have'nt heard his music, he has a jazzy hip-hop vibe. In fact, the genre that best describes his music is, "TrapHouseJazz," combining trap music beats with jazz melodies and sounds. Check him out!

“Lady Lady” available everywhere! Creative Direction by @illbrill, Edits by @markgierl, Photo taken by @jackmckain Produced by @sounwavetde Mixed by @ericlaumusic

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Lady Lady Tour! Europe 1st! I’ve never been to Manchester, Zurich, Barcelona, Luxembourg, Warsaw, Stockholm, Oslo, Munich or Tel Aviv before so I need to know where’s the best food, massage spots, scenic views, club with the music with the good drums, and where’s the studio at in all those places. ----❤️ Sign up to get access to the presale, which starts tomorrow at 10 AM BST. Link In Bio

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