Birthday Horoscope 08/13


August 13, 2019

"There is a regal, masterful aura about you. You are very intelligent, creative, and clever. Very passionate, you are a natural leader – people turn to you for answers – but you are also a fair and gracious person, not a domineering person. You are proud of your intellect. You live by your own truth, and you are very responsible. In fact, you thrive most when you are meeting your responsibilities. As strong as you are, you feel very helpless without a partner, and you are at your best when you maintain a healthy and strong partnership. There is also a somewhat reclusive part of you. You are not always explicit in expressing your affections. However, if a partner considers your actions instead of your words, they will value your loyalty, family values, and self-sacrifice. Famous people born today: Alfred Hitchcock, Dan Fogelberg, Kathleen Battle, John Slattery, Sebastian Stan, Bobby Clarke, Debi Mazar."