Trending Topics: Why Is A-Rod Flipping Burgers???

September 11, 2018

Photo by PA Images/Sipa USA

A-Rod loses a bet, Justin Bieber chills with his future father in law, and Heidi Klum straight up ghosted Drake!


Alex Rodriguez got a new job-- he's job flipping burgers at Wahlburgers. He lost a bet to Mark Wahlberg over the Red Sox game (obviously A-Rod is a Yankees fan), the Red Sox beat the Yankees, so he had to go flip burgers at Wahlburgers. 

Justin Bieber and Stephen Baldwin, his future father in law, were hanging out in Michigan over the weekend at a music festival. Hailey Baldwin was in New York for Fashion Week over the weekend, so Justin decided to go bond with his father in law. 

Heidi Klum dissed Drake like crazy. She admitted on the Ellen DeGeneres show that she had a huge crush on Drake, Drake saw it and decided to shoot the shot, and asked her out on a date. This was like a week after she got a boyfriend, so she didn't text him back. She left him on red!

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