Mortgage Talk: Owning a Home is Not For Everybody

August 13, 2019

Home ownership is not for everyone-- it's a personal choice.

Some people don't mind renting, and would rather have things be someone else's responsibility. But for those who choose to own their home, it comes with a sense of pride and knowledge that you're contributing to the state.

The most important thing to remember when transitioning from a renatl to a home is to know your limits. Do you like to fix things up? Do you want to paint? You could get a fixer-upper, or a house that's move-in ready.

But there's other things to consider... if you have or are planning to have kids, the school district around your home can be very important. And taxes can really blow up your budget, so understanding what's in your tax bill is very important.

Real estate agents can help you with the whole process. Once you sign a contract with an agent, they will work in your best interest to get you the best price and make you as happy as possible. The real estate agent will even help you negotiate the right number when it's tuime to put an offer in on a house.