Brittany Jay's Tea For The Day: Tyra Banks' Modeling Theme Park

And ttttoday!

February 6, 2019

Photo via Brittany Jay


Tyra Banks is turning modeling into a theme park. Plus, 21 Savage's lawyers say ICE's motives are corrupt. And a Motown tribute by... J-Lo? More in Brittany Jay's Tea For The Day! 

French Montana announced a residency in Vegas at Drai's! 

DMX is doing a 20th Anniversary Tour! He'll come through 32 cities from March to May. 

Tyra Banks is opening her own theme park called Modelland (named after her 2010 book). Anyway, you're thinking: theme park = rollercoasters, right? Nope, it's a fantasy experience. She says families can come into the modeling world for a day to have a fun shopping experience and a good meal. She's teaming up with Hollywood designers. It kinda sounds like... a mall? LOL! 

Freeway's kidney transplant was successful! 

21 Savage's people released a statement saying ICE's motives are corrupt. They knew he applied for a U visa in 2017, but arrested him just now after he dropped his song 'A Lot' which included the line, "Been through some things, but I couldn't imagine my kids stuck at the border (Straight up)." ICE is being petty. 

Jennifer Lopez is gonna perform a Motown tribute at the GRAMMYs and people are not here for it. (No offense to J-Lo, we do love her, but they could've picked literally ANYONE...)

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