Brittany Jay's Tea For The Day: Is R. Kelly Leaving The Country?

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January 10, 2019

Photo via Brittany Jay


R. Kelly threw himself a birthday party... but is he planning to leave the country? Plus, Nick Young catches some trouble. And more scoop on Jeff Bezos' divorce! More in Brittany Jay's Tea For The Day! 

We learned yesterday that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his wife are getting divorced. But now, we found out that he's been dating TV host Lauren Sanchez, who is also married. They claim they started dating after they were separated, but they've been family friends for TEN YEARS. Hmm... 

Nick Young is a suspect in an alleged robbery. A guy knew Nick didn't want his photo taken, but he took one anyway and Nick spazzed... 

Wendy Williams is pushing back her return for another week after suffering a hairline fracture in her upper arm. She's tentatively now coming back to her show on January 21. 

Lady Gaga has apologized for doing a song with R. Kelly several years ago. She's pulling it from all streaming services. 

Speaking of R. Kelly, he threw himself a party in Chicago yesterday. And while he was there, someone called the cops on him... 

There's speculation that he's going to "collect his concubines" and then leave the country, possibly going to Africa. Sources close to the victims are afraid this will happen before he's charged with a crime. They want him charged and they want to freeze his passport. 

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