Brittany Jay's Tea For The Day: Canseco's Ex on A-Rod: No Way, Jose!

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March 13, 2019

Photo via Brittany Jay


No way, Jose! Canseco's ex says A-Rod didn't cheat with her! Plus, a bunch more R. Kelly drama. And Aunt Becky from 'Full House' is going to jail! More in Brittany Jay's Tea For The Day! 

Jose Canseco's ex-wife Jessica says he's lying about her and A-Rod. She says she's known him awhile, but hasn't seen him in five years. She's friendly with both him and J-Lo. 

Raz B said he was off the Millennium Tour because he doesn't feel safe around Chris Stokes (but then changed his mind about the tour). He also said he wants to tell his story in a Surviving Chris Stokes movie. 

One of R. Kelly's accusers, Lisa Van Allen, she said that R. Kelly told her out of his own mouth that he slept with Aaliyah's mother while Aaliyah was in the other bed sleeping. 

Another R. Kelly bit is that someone called to report that a mass suicide was about to happen at his house in Chicago. The caller said Azriel Clary and four others had a suicide pact. Turns out it was a false alarm, but the call came from a sex trafficking hotline. 

Meanwhile, R. Kelly tried to get his child support lowered and that didn't happen. 

Aunt Becky from Full House is going to jail! Lori Loughlin, along with Felicity Huffman (from Desperate Housewives) were part of a huge college admissions scam! About 50 people were involved, including college coaches, standard test administrators, and others! Rich people scamming to get their kids into prestigious schools. Yale was one of the schools involved.  

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