Brittany Jay's Tea For The Day 4/13: Nicki Opens Up!

And ttttoday!

April 13, 2018

Photo via Brittany Jay


Drama in the NFL! Plus, Tristan was with Khloe for the birth! And Nicki Minaj was IN HER FEELINGS in a recent interview! Sip ALL THE TEA with Brittany Jay! 

The Seattle Seahawks reportedly postponed their visit with Colin Kaepernick after he declined to say if he’ll stop kneeling during the Anthem. According to ESPN, the Seahawks reached out to Kaep two weeks ago to arrange a visit. A leaked source says the team is still considering bringing Kaep in for a trial but no decisions are final.

And speaking of football, the Dallas Cowboys have cut wide receiver Dez Bryant! 

BTW, Tristan Thompson WAS in the delivery room yesterday when Khloe Kardashian gave birth to the baby girl. 

A recent interview with Nicki Minaj has gone viral! She talks about a lot of things like how she took a step back from social media to focus on her album, that she wanted to write something that was meaningful and fun, she'll be releasing a documentary WITH her album... AND she discussed how she felt ambushed about 'Motor Sport' because people accused her of lying about how the track and video came out!

She says, "Cardi B – she’s done what she should’ve done, she’s gone full steam ahead. Congratulations to her! The only thing that hurt my feelings – the first interview she did after 'Motor Sport' came out – she’s using my hairdresser – he can attest to the fact that there really was a scheduling conflict and it was because of him! I texted him and said, “You know if I don’t show up the day she’s shooting, they’re gonna act like it’s because I’m doing it to be mean with the current Nicki hate train.”

Watch... was Nicki really in her feelings??

Hmm, we don’t like the way this feels. There’s more than enough for both of y’all to be out here! 

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