Dirt Report: Sunday Service Celebrates One Year Anniversary

December 30, 2019

(Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for Fast Company)

Kanye's Sunday Service celebrates one year! Plus, Juelz Santana may get out of jail in 2020! Big Regg, who's in for Jenny Boom Boom, joined DJ Meechie for the Dirt Report! 

According to his wife Kimbella, Juelz Santana should be getting out of prison in summer of 2020!

Fuck out of here 2019!! Summer 2020 my HUSBAND will be home, bring on the new year so we can start our new beginning!! We did our longest leg in the feds now we’re on our shortest leg count down til he comes, the kids and I are so looking forward to it! This year was tough but we got through it through the grace of GOD! I am grateful my husband is doing well doing what he has to do. Juelz says WHAT UP and he’ll be home soon. ----------------

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So, Kanye West has been doing his Sunday Service, he's gonna tour with Joel Osteen at arenas and stuff... they're gonna make A LOT of money. And Sunday Service is celebrating one year! He decided to celebrate on L.A.'s Skid Row. He brought food and spiritual guidance to the homeless folks in that area. He brought the choir and got on the mic and started to preach. He talked about a worldwide solution to the homeless crisis. (But he also kinda defended T.I.'s gynecologist visits with his daughter.) 

Swae Lee's ex-girlfriend posted a video of him getting into an SUV with a security guard and said, "Somebody kill him. I got $20k cash for you." She caught heat from fans... and the police. She took it down and said she was mad and they're good now.  Swae says he's "way too cute" for the drama. He likes to keep his personal life behind the scenes.