Dirt Report: Will Colin Kaepernick Play For Jay-Z's NFL Team?

August 19, 2019

(Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images)

Jay-Z's involvement with the NFL is about to get deeper, and people are taking sides. How does Colin Kaepernick play into all this drama?

Ever since last week, everybody's been going crazy over the Jay-Z/ NFL situation. A lot of artists are speaking up now, including Freddie Gibbs who said f*** Colin Kaepernick while defending Jay-Z. He said Colin Kaepernick took a settlement, so everybody needs to let go of hating on Jay-Z for trying to own something in the NFL. DJ Khaled shouted out Jay-Z, and said he's a man of the people. So even though we saw a lot of hate last week, there's a lot of people riding for Jay-Z. 

Reportedly Jay-Z is also supposed to become a co-owner of a NFL team. This is supposed to happen in the near future... what if he brings back Colin Kaepernick, to play for the team that he owns? 

Nessa, Colin's girlfriend who is also on the radio, is still going crazy. She said she don't mind Jay doing a business deal, but she does mind him wrapping around social justice when working for an organization that denies someone an opportunity. It seems like if you're mad at this point, it should be at the team owners, not the NFL. She also said that Colin never spoke to Jay-Z and NFL heads ahead of the deal. That seems like something HOV should have done, but apparently it never went down like that.

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