Dirt Report: Donald Trump Mad That A$AP Rocky Didn't Thank Him

August 23, 2019

(Photos by Christopher Jue/Getty Images & Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)

The President is expecting a thank you from A$AP Rocky for his help in getting him out of jail in Sweden. And Conor McGregor apologizes for punching a dude in Ireland.

Donald Trump is waiting for A$AP Rocky to thank him for getting him out of jail. President Trump thinks Rocky is ungrateful, after the rapper refused to thank him for getting him released from Swedish jail. He was detained for over a month after a street fight that went down in June. He released and allowed to return to the U.S... Trump claims that was after he made threats to the Swedish government, but Rocky wasn't actually released until weeks later, so nobody knows how much that had to do with the President's actions. 

The White House claims Rocky's team exchanged texts with the President's people, and then ceased all contact and refused to thank Trump publicly or in private. Rocky's manager said the rapper is tired and just needed time to travel and rest... dude's been in jail for over a month. It seems like Trump was trying to get some goodwill with potential Black voters, and seems to be frustrated his plan didn't really work. If you feel a type of way, you feel a type of way... but why come out and say it?

Conor McGregor is admitting that he was wrong for punching somebody in the face at a pub in Ireland. He also said he was slated for a fight in July against UFC fighter Justin Gaethje, but he hurt his left hand during a sparring session. It was also his left hand that he hit that dude in the bar with, so it could have been injured from that, too. He also wants to fight Khabib again, that's the dude who beat him up in the last fight he had. The guy McGregor hit was not a fan, moreso a heckler who had been antagonized McGregor... but that doesn't give him reason to hit him. McGregor said he's trying to be a better person and has to learn to control his anger, because there are people out there trying to push his buttons and make him lash out. 

Mike Tyson said that McGregor deserves a second chance, that he's a wonderful person, and believes he's gonna get good karma for saying he was wrong.

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