Dirt Report: The Latest On Nicki Minaj's Beefs

August 15, 2019

(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Trina and Rick Ross both open up about their beefs with Nicki Minaj... are these latest feuds all hype?

Nicki Minaj has been beefing with a lot of people and Trina is one of them. She decided to take matters into her own hands. Her team said Nicki wasn't helping to promote "BAPS," the song they collaborated on together, and they called Nicki a deceiver and a manipulator. Trina said she's gonna take responsibility for her team, and that bad business is what's causing all of the havoc that happened... it's got nothing to do with any artists featured on her album. Trina said she and Nicki have no beef.

In other Nicki news, she told Rick Ross to sit his "fat ass" down, after he said to Meek Mill that she was a keeper, then later said he warned Meek about her. Ross replied to that, and said Nicki was a talent, but played an important position between Meek and Drake at the time, and that position was a very fragile role, and it would be very easy to put that responsibility on her. 

A$AP Rocky was found guilty, but he will not have to serve a day in jail. He will have to pay the victim $12,500, and $1,300 which the co-defendants will need to split among themselves. That's pocket change to Rocky.