Dirt Report: Lamar Odom Is Engaged

November 12, 2019

(Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images)

The former NBA star is getting married to Sabrina Parr. Plus, the Disney+ streaming service gets dragged after a sloppy rollout and more.

Former NBA baller Lamar Odom and celebrity personal trainer Sabrina Parr are officially engaged to tie the knot. Odom and Sabrina's romance is still pretty fresh in the public eye, but they've already hinted at having a bond so strong that marriage would be the next step. She gently declined when asked about it before. She said she was holding out for a big shiny diamond ring, and looks like she got it. 

Disney+ launched today, but the new streaming service is having some issues and getting dragged on the internet. It appears to have been hit by some technical errors just a few hours into its official launch this morning. Some users who rushed to download Disney+ were met with an unfortunate error message on the screen that read "Unable to connect" which appeared underneath characters from Disney's Wreck-It Ralph. Users had to exit the service and try to reconnect at a later time. Disney issued a statement admitting high demand sparked mistreatment problems, but despite that explanation, people still continued to rip Disney apart for its rollout. 

Wendy Williams and Nicki Minaj are beefing, apparently. This comes after Wendy criticized Nicki and her marriage. On her Queen Radio show, Nicki said there are people who report the news and there are people who do it "with evil intent in their heart, viciousness." Nick added that Wendy must be "sick and humiliated" and that she understands why "when a woman isn't really being loved at home, the viciousness is a different type." Wendy Williams took to her show and called out Nicki as a soon to be washed up rapper, and said Nicki can keep on promoting her, she loves it.