Dirt Report: Hollywood Police Cut Ties With Antonio Brown

January 14, 2020

(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)


Hollywood PD wants nothing to do with Antonio Brown. Plus, Akon has established his own city, and Cardi B is getting serious about going into politics.

The Hollywood Police Department is sick and tired of Antonio Brown and the way he's been treating all their officers. They severed ties from the NFL star and even returned a large donation check yesterday. This happened because of the blow up between him and his baby mother, when he allegedly kicked her out. Hollywood P.D. said he was very rude and disrespectful, and they no longer want a relationship with him. They used to let him work out at their football field and use the gym at the police station, as well. Brown had been financially sponsor in their HPD seven on seven football league, but they said they want to move on and want nothing to do with him.

Harvey Weinstein doesn't think he can get a fair shot in New York City. His defense team said the criminal case against him has been tainted, and so has the jury pool, and they place the blame on the judge. Lead attorney Donna Rotunno told TMZ the disgraced Hollywood mogul has had such a massive amount of negative press coverage, she doesn't think it will be possible to find impartial jurors. They're on the sixth day of the jury selection, and she said that because of a new charge that came up in L.A. last week, she can't find anybody who's going to give Weinstein a fair case. She thinks the trial should be adjourned for a couple of months, for a cooling off period, but the judge said Hell no. He said the case in L.A. is meaningless to the one in New York City, and it's going to continue. 

Akon has officially established Akon City in Senegal, his home country. He said if you can have a billion dollars sitting in the bank while you have all these other people suffering, it's crazy to him, like a waste of the billion dollars. So he decided to flip his billion dollars, and he got a city. If that ain't stunting, we don't know what is! Akon had crazy success with crypto currency, and he made a whole bunch of electric towers for cities in Africa. He just finalized the agreement for the city at the beginning of the week, and he said he's looking forward to hosting everything for the future. Akon said it's gonna be a solar city with all renewable energy. The city is going to have a real airport, and everything starts now with a 10 year building block. It seems like everything Akon does, works. This sounds like a real life Wakanda!

Cardi B is big time interested in politics, and she and Bernie Sanders have been getting real tight lately. Cardi said she thinks she wants to get involved in government. Sanders told TMZ that Cardi B is deeply concerned about what's happening in the country. She knows what it's like to live in poverty and struggle, and it would be great for her to bring her experience into politics. Cardi said she is ready, and is getting more serious about running very soon. We think she might have a shot!