Dirt Report: Dak Prescott Turns Down $30 Million Paycheck?!?

August 12, 2019

(Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

Dak Prescott thinks he's worth more than $30 million per year. And props to Missy Elliott who's receiving the Video Vanguard Award this year!

We have to congratulate Missy Elliott, she's getting the Video Vanguard Award from the MTV Video Awards. They said her contribution in the music landscape is undeniable, and her creative vision across production, performance, and songwriting is unmatched, and that she deserves it. She's going to perform for the first time in 16 years at the MTV Awards. 

Fabolous posted that he and Emily are still doing their thing and making it happen, but everybody's saying it's a lie, because Emily was posting pictures of herself out on vacation, having a Hot Girl Summer. Her captions were a little cryptic, but you could have a Hot Girl Summer and still have a man. Look at Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B. 

Date Nights -- @emilyb_ #LilUziBday #Starlets

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The song "Choppa Style" came out years ago. It's still in the mix at the clubs, and Cardi B and French Montana both used it. Now, they're being sued, along with Master P because the person who made the beat, DJ JMK is suing everybody who used it. He wants to get paid by everybody for "misappropriated many of the recognizable and key particular elements of his work." He's suing for copyright infringement. The song first came out in 2000.

The craziest man in the NFL has got to be Dak Prescott. He was offered $30 million a year by the Dallas Cowboys, which would make him one of the top five highest paid quarterbacks in the NFL, and he turned it down. He ain't worth that much, honestly! Matthew Stafford earns $29.5 million, Kirk Cousins $29 million, Andrew Luck $27 million, Tom Brady just raised up to $29 million... Dak is nowhere near that level. He said he's betting on himself to have a better year this year, and get his money.

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