G Money da Prince

#FridayNiteSpotlite Ft. C-Rocky B

Broadcasting from the Eblens Hot Spot on Friday August 7th, G.Money da Prince chops it up with New Haven’s own C-Rocky B during the Friday Nite Spotlite.  Listen to the interview to see why he decided to hop on the mic himself after being an engineer for so many artist. Also speaks about the advantages […]

Hot 93.7–08/08/2015

#FridayNiteSpotlite Ft. Money Ray

This Friday July 10th, G.Money da Prince & DJ Meechie chop it up with the Hartbeat legend Money Ray. They talk on everything from him gaining National attention on BET’s 106 & Park to his work with children in the City of Hartford. This is one of those interviews the streets will be talking about […]

Hot 93.7–07/12/2015

#FridayNiteSpotlite Ft. Elisha Richards

Friday June 26th, G.Money da Prince & DJ Meechie chop it with Bridgeport’s own Elisha Richards. Not only one of CT’s best R&B acts, but one the Country’s best. Listen to the interview to hear how he got started singing in the Gospel Choir at Church to choosing a singing career over school. Click the […]

Hot 93.7–06/27/2015

#FridayNiteSpotlite Ft. A.Lo Pyrxx

This Friday June 19th, G.Money da Prince & DJ Meechie chop it up with one of the 413’s finest, A.Lo Pyrxx.  This member of P.O.E. and Pyrxx Gang comes through to his newest project entitled, “Caught Up in the 90’s.” With this project he hopes to educate the young ones and remind everyone else of the […]

Hot 93.7–06/20/2015

#FridayNiteSpotlite Ft. TeamDilligaf

What do you get when you take one member from CT, one from Mass and another one from Chicago and move them to New Hampshire? The answer is TeamDilligaf and Friday June 9th, they came through the Friday Nite Spotlite to chop it up with G.Money da Prince & DJ Meechie. Click the “Play” button […]

Hot 93.7–06/20/2015

#FridayNiteSpotlite ft. Preme Gully

Friday May 29th, G.Money da Prince & DJ Meechie chop it up with Waterbury’s own Preme Gully.

Hot 93.7–05/31/2015

#FridayNiteSpotlite Ft. D’Major

Friday April 3rd, G.Money da Prince & DJ Meechie chop it up with Hartford’s own D-Major. Click the “Play” button to find out why he feels he’s the one that will put CT on the map. With his new project on deck he’s definitely on his way.  

Hot 93.7–04/11/2015

#FridayNiteSpotlite Ft. Eli Cannon

This week on the Friday Nite Spotlite, G.Money da Prince & DJ Meechie chop it up with the self proclaimed Hip-Hop- Hippie, Eli Cannon. The 203 artist comes through talk about his version of Hip-Hop and the true definition of Dank Nature. Click the “Play” button to hear more now: Raised on edibles, keg stands […]

Hot 93.7–04/11/2015

#FridayNiteSpotlite Ft. Animal Squad

Friday March 27th, G.Money da Prince and DJ Meechie chops it up with the Squuaaaddddd!!! That’s right CT’s own Animal Squad comes through to discuss how 3 guys from different parts of Hartford County came together to make 1 super group.

Hot 93.7–04/03/2015

#FridayNiteSpotlite Ft. The Conn-Viction Tapes

It’s Friday the 13th… and what a scary site it would be if all our CT artist came together in unity on one project. Well that project is here and this is just the beginning. G.Money da Prince & DJ Meechie chop it up with the artist/producer/engineer Sees who is responsible for a project called […]

Hot 93.7–03/14/2015


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