By Stevey Newnez

Duo, THEY. stopped by the Hot Spot to chat with Stevey and Genesis from the HOT Morning Crew about their come-up, their NFL connection, fashion, and of course their new single, “Dante’s Creek.”

How’d you choose the name THEY.?
We got a song called “Back It Up” and the original idea started out just THEY. We decided we’d just keep it until we think of something better… and it just stuck. It’s nice and confident.

How’d you meet? 
Songwriter Drew took an opportunity to do some session projects in Los Angeles with producer, Dante. “His approach to production was so left of center–so different than what I’d already heard, so we made a couple experimental songs and by like the third one, we were like let’s just have a go at this and get an actual artist project and see what we can do.”

On their fashion:
Drew: Thifting ALL DAY! You can find such cool stuff for so cheap. And I keep my footwear mad simple – Airforces or Converse – simple! Jackets and things like that is where I’ll try to get fancy.
Dante: I’m the opposite! First thing I’ll do is check out people’s shoes. The shoes dictate the outfit! I like vintage shops in L.A.

What music would we NOT expect that you listen to?
Drew: Recently I’ve been going back and listening to a lot of Motown again.
Dante: For me, I’m all over the place – I’ll listen to Indie, I’m a New Jack Swing fan – Bobby Brown, New Edition. Even ’90s boy band stuff! To me, those are some of the catchiest songs from that era, so I listen to like *NSync, Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees.

On their track that got picked up by the NFL
“U-Rite!” Yeah, it’s crazy, it was a last minute song! The album was supposed to be done, but Dante was in there messin’ around and the siren came up and I was like, “Yo! What is that?” and I was like let’s make a song around that! And then it had a late second surge and people started picking up on it, it got a remix – the NLF picked it up, I think it’s on NBA Live 18…

On new single, ‘Dante’s Creek’
That record is one of Drew’s favorites on the album. It pays homage to Dawson’s Creek, “I don’t wanna wait…” but it’s an immediate song that people catch on to immediately, but after that, it has a lot of lyrical depth to it. It’s basically about taking chances — not just sitting, waiting around, just going and grabbin’ it.

THEY.’s debut album “NU RELIGION : HYENA” is out now!

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