Love Jessie's album, before you love her single.

These days, there’s so many artists focused on dropping that one, perfect single, chasing 15 minutes of fame they will most likely never reach again. Not Jessie Reyez. The “Figures” singer-songwriter is in this for the long game, as she explained to the Hot Morning Crew.

From the jump, Jessie Reyez has dreamed of a career in music. And with her incredible voice and a breakout hit with “Figures,” she’s living that dream… but being smart about it by staying focused on her goal: a 20 year career doing what she loves.

“My fear has always been shooting up and being a one-hit person,” she admitted. “I wanted people to fall in love with the project [her debut EP, Kiddo] before they fell in love with the song.”

It’s not surprising that Jessie has done the work in her come up, advancing her music career while also having the discipline to make ends meet. “I had a lot of jobs, but music was always my first love,” she said. “I used to bartend, I used to be a cheerleader, I used to work at Sophie’s, I used to be a receptionist. It was a lot, but when you really love something, it doesn’t leave you.”

Part of what lead Jessie to success was a strong team behind her, and that all starts with family, even if their concern can become another problem you have to manage. “I was lucky enough to have a mom and dad that are highly supportive,” Jessie said. “I know they were nervous and weary about the profession and what it would take… I was going to everywhere. I was going to closet sessions, and busking, and going to concerts with my bag of mixtapes. I was doing anything and everything.”

That focus and support is paying off now, as Jessie just dropped her first EP, reelased a powerful short film, and featured with Romeo Santos. In the meantime, she’s touring, customizing t-shirts she’s selling to fans, and, of course, making music.

But one thing she’s not doing is settling into any genre. Jessie has never been one to feel a particular type of music, and she wants her catalog to exist outside those boundaries, much like an iconic director known for living by his own definitions. “I remember when we were talking about how to upload the music, and we started talking about genres. It started cheesing me, because I don’t want to get put somewhere,” she explained. “I feel like the music should live on its own so when people started asking me what genre it is, I would say it’s Quentin Tarantino.”


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