By DJ Buck

DJ Buck caught one of her performances and, blown away by her passion, put her song on the Hot 93.7 airwaves immediately. Known for her brooding single, ‘Figures’, Colombian-Canadian songstress Jessie Reyez stopped by to chat with the Hot Morning Crew about her come-up, her fans, and more!

Did you always love performing? It can be intimidating: 
I used to force my family to be my audience when I was a kid.

That passion when you perform – it’s like you go some place else.
I don’t try, it just kind of happens! You ever been through something and told someone the story and just get emotional while you’re telling the story, cuz you kinda get shot back to that moment in time? So the song is like this little time-capsule.

Seeing people you don’t even know singing every word to your songs, you’ve gotta be like “damn!”
Yes! There’s a lot of tears. Happy, happy tears. It’s unbelievable but at the same time, sometimes people ask me if it’s overwhelming or anything and I’m like Hell, no, it’s what I’ve been waiting for my entire life! Everyone sing along, please!

Like when you’d sing along to artists while you were growing up, that’s now what your fans think about you.
That is insane. It happens in Toronto – I was at the airport kiosk, carrying my guitar and massive suitcase; just a mess trying to carry all this stuff myself and these four girls came up behind me. I turned around and the girls gasped and I was like, “OMG, what!?” I thought something was going on then realized, oh, they recognized me. It was so sweet, that melted by heart!



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