Cierra Ramirez Talks ‘Faded’, ‘The Fosters’, and JLo with the Hot Morning Crew

You already adore her as feisty and headstrong Mariana Adams Foster on Freeform’s hit series, The Fosters — and now you’ll also be bumpin’ Cierra Ramirez‘s new track ‘Faded’ featuring Baeza on your playlist! The 22-year-old actress/singer came through to talk to the Hot Morning Crew about her career, embracing her Latina roots, and of course meeting [The Fosters executive producer] Jennifer Lopez!

On getting the gig on The Fosters:
I’d been acting for a little bit; I was already on another series [on the network], The Secret Life of the American Teenager and I auditioned for it and it was a blessing to hop from one awesome show to another.

On meeting Jennifer Lopez:
I was sitting there eating a burrito on set and I saw someone come in with an entourage — it was her! I dropped the burrito and ran over – I had to meet her; she’s as sweet as can be. And the thing is I love her as JLo, obviously, but she–in a way–is Selena to me! I grew up watching that movie so I was like, “Ahh, OMG!”

On that orange two piece outfit and knee high boots in her ‘Faded’ video! Did you choose that or do you have a stylist?
That one was a with a stylist for the video, but I saw that two piece and I was like, “That’s the one – that is THE ONE!”


Back to Selena – she learned Spanish through her music! Would you ever consider doing Tejano music? 
That is definitely something that’s going to be coming soon for me. I’m in the process of learning Spanish, I want to embrace my [Mexican and Colombian] culture and sing in Spanish!

What foods do you like to eat?
I don’t eat fast food. But I swear I was like Italian in another life – I can eat pasta all day. I’m a carbaholic, let’s be honest.

If you could collab with another Latinx artist, who would it be?
I’m loving Maluma!

What’s it like when strangers recognize you? Does that get weird? 
I just love knowing people watch the show! We work long hours and so that’s what makes it worth it. The show deals with important social issues and gets people talking; people can relate! They’re like, “That’s just like my family.”

Watch the video above for more with Cierra Ramirez and the Hot Morning Crew!

-Don’t miss Cierra Ramirez on ‘The Fosters’, now in its fifth season on Freeform, Tuesdays at 8p! And check out her hot new song, ‘Faded’ featuring Baeza!

–Lisa Gold, CBS Radio Hartford


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