Freddie Gibbs Reignites Jeezy Feud: “F— Jeezy”

“It’s gotta be beef when there’s two real muthaf----- in the equation."

By Hayden Wright

Freddie Gibbs left Jeezy’s CTE Records four years ago, but the rappers haven’t mended fences. During an appearance on Viceland’s Desus and Mero, Gibbs prompted the hosts to ask him about his relationship with Jeezy. Most of his answer is unpublishable:

“Ain’t no beef, man,” Gibbs says during the interview. “It’s gotta be beef when there’s two real muthaf—-z in the equation. When there’s one muthaf—-, it’s just like pshh. P—- a– n—-. I’ll whoop yo a–, n—-. F— with me. F— Jeezy. B—– a– n—-.”

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Sounds like a beef to us. In 2015, Gibbs said reports of a feud were overstated.

“I just felt that I wasn’t getting the respect that I needed in that situation. So, I just did it on my own. That’s all. It wasn’t—I think that it got a little blown out of proportion. On my part and his part. We were both angry at the time. He said some stuff in some interviews. I definitely fired back. And I said stuff on records. I probably shouldn’t have took it to that level.”

Watch Gibbs’ latest comments on Viceland here.


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