By DJ Buck

By Bill Sencio

When Rick Ross joined the Hot Morning Crew this week, he previewed his upcoming ninth album, Rather You Than Me, and weighed in on the Remy Ma/ Nicki Minaj beef, but also dropped a bombshell– he’s making his first feature length movie later this year, a collaboration with Gucci Mane.

“Me and Gucci, we just had another meeting. Once I put this album out, maybe in three months, we’re gonna begin filming our first independent film,” Ross said.

Just because this production will be independent, doesn’t mean there won’t be some major Hollywood muscle in the background. “I just had a meeting with Will Packer [Producer, Ride Along, Think Like A Man],” Ross continued. “The Weinsteins, I’m cool with, they’ve offered me several movie roles, I just didn’t wanna take them.”

The film will be an on-screen reunion for Rozay and Gucci, who previously appeared together in the car wash sketch at the beginning of Ross’ “Buy Back The Block” video:

That clip proved the rappers have some solid chemistry together on camera, and Ross teased that their film project might involve some elements of the short, since it felt autobiographical to both of them.

“If you look at ‘Buy Back The Block,’ the video, there’s a skit with me and Gucci at the car wash. It went viral, a lot of people had a lot of love for it,” Ross said. “When I was 13, I got paid $30 from 8 in the morning til 8pm at the car wash. Another point in Gucci’s life, he was hustling on the street.  It was easy for us, We went in there and the script we put behind it is gonna be legendary.”

Rick Ross will drop Rather You Than Me on March 17th. Gucci Mane is working on his next album DropTopWizop. We’ll bring you more news on their movie project as it develops.


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