Why MadeInTYO Isn’t Sweating The Uber Controversy

One thing is clear when talking to MadeInTYO– this dude’s got a good head on his shoulders.

One of the young rapper’s biggest hits to date was “Uber Everywhere,” an anthem that became divisive after the company sided with President Donald Trump over his controversial travel ban.  That lead many to take shots at Uber– even deleting the app– and even MadeInTYO himself snapped back when he tweeted “2017: @lyft everywhere.”

But aside from that, the rapper has been largely silent on the controversy, and that’s the way he wants to play it.

“I don’t really tweet anything political. Some artists say that’s not my job to talk about it… I wouldn’t say it’s not your job, but I feel like certain artists feel like they don’t want to say anything because… like half of their fans might go off of something you say. I had people tweeting me, DM-ing me, Snap Chatting me, saying ‘Please don’t. I know you have the song, but with everything that’s going on, but please read this, check this out…’ Me looking at everything, these are my feelings, you know? ‘Uber Everywhere,’ nah you can’t just assume that’s me.  [I tweeted] ‘Lyft Eveywhere,’ everybody went crazy.”

“At the end of the day I’m not repping for Uber,” he continued. “If you check out the ‘Uber Everywhere’ video, there’s no Ubers in the video. I’m playing tennis, and I’m kicking it with white chicks. When it comes down to it… I’m a people person and the way I was raised is you treat people the way you want to be treated. Whatever color, whatever shade you are, I feel like everybody should be treated the same way. In this world, you see something that’s crazy that’s going on, nine times out of ten, TYO is standing back. You seen that meme of Homer Simpson backing away into the bush? That’s how I am with the situation.”

TYO is too busy to get caught up in politics, anyway. Not only is he embarking on a huge tour with Big Sean, he’s repping his own record label featuring artists from his crew who have been with him long before his come-up in the mainstream, and he’s a new father.  That last one will change your perspective, no doubt.

“Now that I have a kid, I’m saving everything. I don’t spend as much as a lot of rappers. You might see one chain, or two chains, but I’m holding my money,” he explained of his new perspective.  “After I moved from Japan– I lived there for a while– and I was in and out of the strip clubs, getting some wings… the money I get now, I know how to ration out a hundred dollars for, like, a month. I don’t gotta splurge.”

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