Vinylz says that Bryson Tiller's "Exhange" rips of J. Cole's "Deja Vu" (which Vinylz produced) even though it was out a year earlier. Staff

Today, J. Cole released his new album, 4 Your Eyez Only, and just hours after being released, there’s a bit of controversy around one of the songs. Cole’s “Deja Vu” sounds a bit like Bryson Tiller’s “Exchange,” which has been out since 2015.

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However, Vinylz and Boi-1da say that they created the song’s beat first—that they had worked on it a long time ago—and Bryson Tiller’s producer Foreign Teck stole the beat.

Boi-1da called out Foreign Teck on Twitter, saying, “Maybe @ForeignTeck can explain why to y’all why Exchange and Deja Vu sound similar… right @Vinylz ?”

Vinylz then went into an explanation of what happened, saying that he and Boi-1da had created the beat for for J. Cole’s “Deja Vu” first, and that he sent a video of the creation of the beat to Foreign Teck, who then stole it. He claimed that Foreign Teck posted the beat to Instagram after that, and that he soon forced Foreign Teck to take it down.

He said that Foreign Teck told him that he looked up to him, and that he eventually offered Vinylz a percentage of the publishing on the song, which Vinylz interpreted as an admission of guilt. He later tweeted “Me and 1da make hits in our sleep, we just had to address this,” and noted that he’s not angry at Bryson Tiller, who had no idea where the beat came from.

He added that “I have no problem with producers being inspired and trying to sound like me,” but the fact that (according to him) Foreign Teck stole his beat and used it in a song first bothered him.

Foreign Teck meanwhile, tweeted a video, originally posted in June of 2016, that explained how he came up with the beat.

He then said, “It’s easy to pick the bigger producer and run with it,” but he said that if Vinylz had a solid argument, he could have sued, adding that “If Vinylz tweeted that the sky was green,” many of his fans on twitter would believe him.

He said that he’d explain the entire story on his Instagram account, but as of press time, he has not done that.

More on this story as it develops.

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