"Marriage is a legal government confinement."

By Hayden Wright

Nick Cannon spent six years married to Mariah Carey, so he knows the ins and outs of making love last—and how it can all go south. A TMZ reporter caught up with him at LAX to learn more about his views on matrimony, and they weren’t supportive. When the paparazzi asked Cannon why he’ll never get married again, he answered directly: “I don’t like doing stuff I’m not good at.”

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Asked whether he and Mariah would still be together if they never got married, he demurred, “You’ll never know.” Nevertheless, he supported Mariah’s decision to wed Australian billionaire James Packer, clarifying that his views on the institution don’t apply to everyone.

“I think it’s just not for me. I think I just suck at it.”

Even though Cannon says he’ll never try for marriage #2, he still wants to find love and perhaps have some more children.

“You can still do all of that without marriage,” he said. “Marriage is a legal government confinement. I would love to have more kids.”


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