By DJ Meechie

The featured voice on Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ smash hit “Same Love” sat down with Jenny Boom Boom backstage at the GRAMMYs in Los Angeles!  Mary Lambert talked all about her story, her relationship with Michelle Chamuel from The Voice, and how she got the opportunity to work with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

The record “Same Love” was one of the biggest records of 2013. How did you get involved with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis?

I knew of them, but we had a mutual friend, Hollis, who sings on “White Walls”.  I think they had exhausted all their resources to find the hook for [“Same Love”], so Hollis was like, “You should really hear my friend Mary, she’s pretty cool… and she’s gay!” She knew it was so much my story because I came out in a church. She called me and said, “You have two hours. Write the hook in two hours and then come to the studio.” I was like, “You got it! Whatever! This is my moment. I am going to make this happen, however it needs to happen.”

So you presented the hook for “Same Love” to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and they loved it?

They loved it! Ryan was like, “I never say this, but I want you to keep that just as it is. Can we track that right now?” I was like, “Yeah, and here are some other ideas I have!” All the alternative choruses that I came up with ended up being used in the song!

The line “She keeps me warm” resonates with anybody who loves somebody, because they give you that sort of comfort. Where did that come from?

Love is so much of a universal truth. Everybody wants someone to keep them warm, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. I was very fortunate to have a great love at that time.

Are you still with this woman?

No. Not anymore. I have a wonderful new girlfriend who is great. You might know her, she is Michelle Chamuel from The Voice. She is an incredible calming presence. She’s is brilliant, she is an incredible singer…

You are an amazing singer, she is an amazing singer– is there any competition?

Never. She is so supportive of me. She is here for the GRAMMYs and I came out for some of her T.V. stuff.  We are in similar places in our careers, but taking different avenues. It is really exciting to share that!

How has the ride been since you came out to your parents?

My family is one-hundred percent supportive. The only reason why my mom was apprehensive was because she was scared I was going to get hurt. She was like, “You can’t hold hands with a girl in public!” And I was like, “No, I can.”

I released my version of the song “She Keeps Me Warm”. What I hope from that is that it makes all that OK and more normalized. Everybody wants that, and everybody deserves that, in the same way that everybody wants to feel beautiful, to feel sexy, to feel wanted, to feel loved… so I hope that it resonates in the heart of somebody who’s facing turmoil in terms of their sexuality.

I know Macklemore is up for seven GRAMMYs. How many are you up for?

I am up for two. I am up for Song of the Year [for “Same Love”], and I am up for Album of the Year [for The Heist].

Tell us about everything you have coming up.

I released the EP in December called Welcome to the Age of my Body.  It’s about a four track EP, half of it has to do with body image. It is a spoken word piece that is really just about empowerment, being who you are unapologetically, and saying it in a raw, visceral way. “She Keeps Me Warm” is on it, and also another track that heart breakingly sad and devastating, but I think all of these things tie into vulnerability.

You are a great role model, and you empower young women in every which way!

Thank you!

The 56th Annual Grammy Awards air on CBS on Sunday, Jan 26th at 8pm!


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