Kid Ink Talks ‘My Own Lane,’ Dream Collabo & More

(Photo by John Ricard/Getty Images for BET)

(Photo by John Ricard/Getty Images for BET)

Kid Ink stopped by the Hot 93.7 Studios to talk about his upcoming album ‘My Own Lane,’ his favorite– and dream– collabos, and more.

It’s been a big year for Kid Ink, with his EP ‘Almost Home’ kicking off the summer, and now closing out the year strong with his brand new full length album ‘My Own Lane’ ready to drop in December.  The rapper explained the meaning of his new album title, and what fans can expect when the LP finally drops.

My Own Lane is my struggle, because I came from a producer background and I listen to all kinds of different music and don’t really limit myself to what I do,” he explained.  “It’s hard for people to categorize me in a specific lane, and be like ‘He’s this kind of artist.’  There’s so many different areas I’m pulling from, I have to just create my own lane, in a sense.”

Fans who liked ‘Almost Home’ will be happy that Kid Ink opted to keep a similar sound for his feature length.  “The EP was a taste for the summer, the records were directed more toward the summer,” he explained.  “I don’t want it to feel like the album is gonna sound exactly like that, but I do think certain records on there like ‘Bossin’ Up’ and ‘Money and the Power’ and “F*** Sleep,’ which are records I feel like have such a strong sound and a brand new sound for me that I did drag them over– not those specific records, but those vibes. If you’ve heard any of my mixtapes, I try to reach everything– I want to get some club records in there, I want to be in the club, in the car, in the house, on a beach cruise, I’m trying to get all the vibes in there.”

The new album will feature Chris Brown, whose work ethic in the studio was impressive to Kid Ink.  “We had twelve hour sessions, he was in there knocking out work, sitting in the booth and freestyling off the dome,” Ink recalled of his time with Brown.  The two recorded “Show Me” for the new album, but Ink also revealed they cut a few more collabo records in the session as well.  “We did another record that we’re gonna give to somebody else, a whole DJ collab thing they’re gonna put together,” he said.  “And there’s one more record that we did, I don’t know if it’s ready for the album or if it’s something we might want to just put out there.  It’s more of a little controversial record, on Chris’ side of things. We’ll see how it goes when I finish, but the song is not done yet.”

Kid Ink has worked with many great artists in the past, but he still has aspirations for who he’d love to land some studio time with.  And at the top of that list is Kanye West.  “I would love to get in the studio with Kanye and just see what the vibe is, because I know that’s somebody who doesn’t really have limits with music,” he stated.  “I want to get in the studio with people who just want to go in and try new things. The closest I’ve been getting to that is my boy Sham Sak Pase [Joseph], who’s been producing a lot of Kanye’s stuff. He’s all over my album too– expect some of the ‘New Slaves’ vibe, some knocking club vibe.”

Kanye’s ‘Yeezus’ album was one of the biggest stirs in hip-hop this year, meeting a very mixed response.  While Kid Ink agrees the album has some faults, he believes many need to listen closer to get what Kanye is doing.  “I felt like the Yeezus album had its moments. I feel that it was more lyrical– it wasn’t for the radio, he didn’t care about the song structure more than the lyrical content,” he said.  “I agreed with a lot of the lyrical content more than I probably agreed with the production. There’s some songs where I was like ‘Man, if he had this on a better beat, saying the same thing with the same vibe, it probably could have been doper,’ but overall if you listen to the lyrics, it hits kinda hard.”

The other big controversy in the game this year was Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse, a return to form for in-your-face call-outs which Ink believes were a long time coming.  “I think it’s dope, it’s something I already knew was going to come back in hip-hop– everybody was a little too friendly, and there has to be a balance,” he explained.  “Right now, it’s still all music and lyrical, and it’s competitive. It’s dope for artists from different lanes to compete on a lyrical stand point. I want to see everybody do the same thing, and go at everyone [else] for a minute, competitively to make it what it is. People rap battle every day and then go hang out with each other.”

“My Own Lane” is set to drop this December.  Listen to the full interview with Kid Ink below.

–Bill Sencio, Hot 93.7/ Hartford


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