By Jenny Boom Boom

2 Chainz stopped by the Hot Afternoon Show with Jenny Boom Boom to talk about the B.O.A.T.S II: Me Time album, and his work on a third album already! He also spoke on his success as a mainstream artist and how he believes he is getting better with time.

“It’s been one hell of a ride. It’s hard for me to really enjoy the success of 2 Chainz,” the rapper told Jenny Boom Boom.  “I’m a product of hard work, I enjoy the grind– dropping two albums in one year, touring, videos, etc… it’s not easy, there’s only a few people who can do that. I’m just happy to satisfy my fans.”

While the success he has enjoyed is relatively new, 2 Chainz has been in the game for years, and he feels this has primed him well for his mainstream presence.  “I come from the mixtape world, so for me to be able to put out quality street music in album format is dope for my fans,” he explained. “I want to continue doing me, continue growing as an artist.  To be a successful mainstream artist.”

Two albums down in under a year, 2 Chainz is already up there in the rap game, and he’s even starting to diversify… just take a look at his most recent deluxe album, which included its own cook book!  “I have a cook book with my deluxe album called ‘Meal Time.’ It has opened up a lot of different doors to talk about a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating, and what food does for me, as far as me having stomach ailments, having to be in the public as much as I have to be, and at the top of my health– I have ulcers and I have acid reflux, I have my good days and I have my days where I can’t move.  For me, I have to have a certain lifestyle– a certain eating regiment, can’t get too full, can’t get too hungry,” he explained.

But more than anything, the cook book just seemed like a fun idea, one that was uniquely his own.  “It’s something I added with the deluxe copy of my album, with three extra songs,” he continued.  “I felt like it was something different– when you have a song like ‘I’m Different,’ you can’t be a cliché type of person. I didn’t want to include b-roll footage, radio interviews and shows and things like that, I decided to put out something fun and educational at the same time.”

Whether it’s business or acting or health, 2 Chainz believes diversity is the key to staying a mainstream success.  “Rapping can be looked at as one phase of the whole situation. You look at people like Puff, like Jay-Z, it was almost a stepping stone. It’s something they still do, it’s a priority, but so many other doors open, depending on your personality,” he said.  “I feel that your personality channels other successful avenues that you can create off of your music.  It mixes with the creativity part of me, I think the sky is the limit.”

The other aspect that 2 Chainz believes will keep him on top is the drive to keep working.  Even with B.O.A.T.S II: Me Time just a few months old, he’s already hard at work on album number three… and he even has his first single picked out.  “I’m already working on my third album, I have a single already,” he confirmed. “I never stop– The day my album dropped, I went to the studio.”

The rapper also shared a bit of insight on his creative process when it comes to making music.  “You start off with an idea, for sure, but you record unlimited material. You have more to choose from at the end, you have a sound you can develop, that has the same consistency throughout the album,” he explained.  “With me having a ton of ‘Based on True Stories,’ it’s important for me to tell true-life stories, things that are important to me. People don’t actually read the newspaper, so I have to be a hood commentator, keeping people updated on the slang, whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing.”

2 Chainz has been a regular feature for many other artists recently, but despite his familiarity he has yet to commit to a crew.  He think it’s more important to have the relationships than to put a label on them.  “I’m family to a lot of these organizations, I’ve been on Wayne and Baby for over 10 years, my newest single, Mannie Fresh produced it, just to show the camaraderie,” he said.  “I’ll always be thankful for what Cash Money did for my campaign– Wayne took me on tour with him in ’08, the I Am Music Tour, one of the biggest selling tours ever. He put me on stage, we created a fan base and at the same time I’m working on a mixtape, at the same time I’m in a learning process. And with G.O.O.D. Music, that’s more or less like a family.”

“I have a strong affiliation with G.O.O.D. Music,” he continued.  “Regardless of what the paperwork and the money at the end [says], everything is under the Def jam umbrella, we’re all working together.”

There’s still plenty of artists 2 Chainz still wants to work with, but he is pacing himself.  The top of hist list is not the rumored collabo with 50 Cent (although he’d probably be down for that, too), but Jay-Z.  Jay-Z. “I can’t wait until me and Jay do a song together.  It’d be dope just to be in a studio with him,” 2 Chainz said.  “He paved the way for a lot of cats like myself to continue striving for stuff, to not let it stop at rap.  The dude’s an educator, a brother… anytime you’ve got people who started selling dope and became millionaires doing something with wordplay is always exciting for me.”

While nothing is set in stone, 2 Chainz added “I always had it in mind that I was gonna put Jay-Z on my third album.”  Spreading out his dream features is something 2 Chainz has clearly put a lot of thought into, a way to make sure his music stays fresh, for his fans and himself.  “Some people skip steps and then wonder why they don’t have anywhere else to go, like they built this glass ceiling,” he explained.  “I still feel like I have room to grow, I haven’t peaked out yet.  It’s always exciting to get a verse or something from jay-Z for a new album.”

Who else makes 2 Chainz’ wish list?  “You’ve still got Eminem, you’ve got Andre 3000,” he said. “You’ve got your ‘A’ list and then you’ve got your ‘A-A’ list. You’ve got your certain people that are very successful in the game right now– Drizzy, Wayne, myself, Ross, Sean…”

2 Chainz has also made several guest spots on TV recently, including Two Broke Girls and Law and Order.  He’s definitely interested in more acting in the future, in addition to his many other projects, but he’s not in a major hurry.  “When you get into anything, you have to put your all into it,” he said.  “So when it’s time to do TV it will happen. I’m engulfed in rap right now.”

Check out the interview below:

–Bill Sencio, Hot 93.7/ Hartford


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