By Big Regg

Lyfe Jennings called up the Hot 93.7 studio to talk about getting back in the game, his time in prison, and his thoughts on the beef with Love & Hip-Hop‘s K Michelle.

Lyfe Jennings has been steadily getting back into his swing since his release from prison.  The rapper was jailed on gun possession charges back in 2010, but now he’s out and hitting the road.  “I’m on my 1’s and 2’s right now,” he told Big Regg at Hot 93.7.  “I’ve got a new single out, we’re out on the road.”

Jennings is currently signed to Universal, and he believes it’s the content of his music that made the label stick by him through his legal troubles.  “We definitely get a lot of the strip club music, that’s all fine and good,” he explained.  “But when you’re talking about real life situations, I’m like the only guy in town… I think a lot of people see themselves in the music.  We only spend 15 to 20% of our life in the clubs. We spend the other 80 dealing with real life issues.”

Guns are one of those issues that cross over between the personal and music worlds, and many artists have recently run into trouble with the law over carrying a pistol.  Jennings believes it’s an occupational hazard. “It’s serious out here,” he explained of the hip-hop lifestyle.  “I don’t roll with security so I just keep the [pistol] like it’s part of the wardrobe.”

Thankfully, the rapper’s recent beef with Love & Hip-Hop‘s K. Michelle did not come to blows, but their feud still created some shockwaves.  The artists were allegedly in a dispute over the order of their performance at a concert with Musiq Soulchild.  But from Jennings’ perspective, the beef is one sided.

“I didn’t have an issue, it was me and Souldchild’s show,” he explained.  “When K Michelle finally got there she found out she was opening up the show, she didn’t really like that. I mean, you’ve gotta play your position, that is what it is.”

As anyone who watches the show is well aware, Michelle isn’t one to hold her tongue, and she allegedly trash talked Jennings after the concert.  But the rapper wasn’t bothered by her jabs, keeping it all in perspective.

“It didn’t really move me, because you know who a person [is] by what s comes out of their motuh. I already knew who she was,” he said of Michelle.  “I’ve got millions of records out in the world, I don’t even think she has a couple thousand. For me, I don’t need to be talking, other than… a real hustler don’t have to say that he hustles, because you’re gonna see it in his hustle.”

Check out the complete interview right here:

–Bill Sencio, Hot 93.7/ Hartford


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