Vado Talks We The Best Move & When He’ll Be Back On Reality TV

Jenny Boom Boom sat down for an exclusive one-on-one with Vado, and the Dipset rapper talked about his jump to We The Best, his upcoming album, future reality TV appearances and more.

Vado caused some chatter with his recent move to DJ Khaled’s We The Best music, but the Dipset member does not believe there is any controversy behind the switch– it was simply a case of now being the right time to take his game to a whole, new level.

While he’s working on his first album for We The Best, Vado is enjoying the success of his latest mixtape V-Day, as well as recent guest appearances on reality shows from Love and Hip-Hop to Black Ink Crew.  But the Harlem rapper is keeping himself focused on the album, and enjoying the freedom he has found on Khaled’s music group, standing clearly outside of Cam’Ron’s shadow.

“I knew Khaled for years, he’s another dude that watched me grow up in the industry,” Vado explained. “Now I’m coming over there and turning it up, we’re gonna take over We The Best. We’ve always been good, now it’s great.”

Vado feels he will get more push and more backing now thanks to Khaled’s guidance, and he’s enjoying that support and the freedom granted to him. “Now I could really do whatever I want to do,” he said. “If I make a hit tonight, and I want that to come out, it’s gonna come out. They’re gonna push it to the limit.”

“They believe in me,” he continued. “I went there with open arms.”  As for the album, Vado has grand aspirations, hoping to release an album as epic as the records which inspired him. “You’re gonna compare the album to, like, ‘Reasonable Doubt’ [or] ‘Harlem World’ [or] ‘Confessions of Fire.’ I’m going all those angles because that’s what made me become a rapper.”

There has been some controversy over Vado’s move to We The Best. Khaled is tight with French Montana and the Coke Boyz, despite that crew’s issues with Dipset’s Jim Jones. Vado doesn’t believe it’s as big a deal as rumors have suggested. “I know Jim from Harlem, so you know it’s a respect thing. But I grew up with French– I knew French before all of this,” he said. Vado doesn’t take it that seriously, and he tends to keep out of beefs like this. “It’s just none of my business,” he stated. “You be neutral, you don’t get into it.”

The new label and their support has helped Vado step out in public and network more, as well. “When I got with Khaled I started coming out more,” he recalled. “I started doing video shoots. I started moving out more, so you be more friendly. With Khaled, be more friendly. With the ‘Set, it’s just ther ‘Set. We don’t mess with the outsiders.”

But none of this is meant as a diss toward Dipset or Cam’Ron.  Vado would still love to do do music with Cam in the future, and his jump to We The Best did not damage their longtime friendship, as far as Vado knows. “Last time I spoke to him, he said he’s happy for me,” he said. “I look at Cam like a Day to him. If it wasn’t for Day, Cam wouldn’t be where he’s at. He took him sky high.”

While Cam’Ron has taken interest in movies, it’s the small screen that has attracted Vado, as proven by his multiple reality TV appearances of late.  The rapper says he felt like Dr. Phil on Love and Hip-Hop, giving relationship advice and trying to prevent anything too crazy from breaking out. Vado feels he’s qualified, because he has relationships down pat. “I’m kind of great,” he said jokingly. “Just not with myself.”

Vado split with long-time girlfriend Angela Yee from The Gossip Game, although he might show up on the new season of the series.  Between Black Ink, Love and Hip-Hop, and now possibly Gossip Game, Vado has definitely been making the rounds of reality series, which is different from the attitudes of many rappers.

“A lot of rappers don’t wanna go on there, on no clown tape,” he said, making sure to note he’s not directing that at any recent reality stars, like Joe Budden or Consequence, who recently had it out on Love and Hip-Hop. “Consequence… that’s his wife. He just brought his reality to the show, that’s his business.”

But Vado would like to continue on the small screen, and may even appear again on Love and Hip-Hop. “I might,” he said. “It depends on where I’m at. It’s about to get real hectic for me, I’ve got singles on deck, the album, mixtape… if I could fit it into the schedule I’m gonna do it. I think the TV loves me.”

Watch the full interview here:

–Bill Sencio, Hot 93.7/ Hartford

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